Throughout our unique experience working in-house in legal departments of French and international companies, we know that the legal departments of our clients take action to avoid disputes that consume time and money.

That is why we offer to our clients:

Practical tools and “best practice guidelines” to implement within their corporation in order to reduce the risk of disputes arising :

  • Audit of litigation risks
  • Setting up of internal litigation and pre-litigation management tools
  • Drafting of dispute resolution guidelines (including standard dispute resolution clauses)
  • Setting up of codes of conduct.

Legal training tailored to all key players of the corporation and aimed at fostering good reflexes before or pending litigation or arbitrale proceedings (executive, managers, legal, contract managers, etc.) :

  • French and International Litigation (relevant statutes of limitation rules, emergency measures, abrupt termination of established commercial relationships, liability guarantees, applicable law and jurisdiction clauses, enforcement of foreign judgments, etc.)
  • Arbitration (arbitration clauses, enforcement of arbitral awards, emergency measures in arbitration, etc.)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms (mediation, conciliation, Dispute Boards, etc.)
  • Compliance/Business Ethics (corruption and influence peddling under the French law Sapin II, criminal liability of executives, etc.)

In practice


Setting up within a large French industrial group of an intra group dispute resolution guidelines, including standard dispute resolution clauses appropriate to all relevant situations;

Financial Institutions

Training of the legal department of a major French company on the rights of the visited entity in the event of a police dawn raid or financial dawn raids, including in custodies;


Training of the legal department of a French bank on mediation in complex litigations: arguments to negotiate the appropriate mediation clause, preparation for and conduct of the mediation process;