With our unique experience of working in-house in legal departments of French and international companies, we know that our clients value alternative solutions to litigation whenever possible.

This is why we consider means of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) whenever an amicable solution seems conceivable in order to resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently, as :



Dispute Boards

We are convinced, based on our experience, that counsel plays a key role in the success of amicable dispute resolution proceedings.  We therefore fully commit ourselves alongside our clients throughout the process to help them, with the assistance of a neutral and independent third party, to reach an amicable solution that is satisfactory and preserves the business relationships with their counterparties. To maximize the possibility of reaching an amicable settlement, we work the case at hand extremely rigorously, considering all issues associated with the dispute (legal, commercial, political, social, media-related, etc.) in order to assess its realistic outcome in a litigation.

We were both trained to mediate by the Paris Center for Mediation and Arbitration (CMAP).  Our ADR practice and expertise is well-recognized. Marie-Aude has successfully led numerous mediations and other alternative procedures (such as dispute boards) in very complex and sensitive cases. Her expertise in this area was acknowledged when she was awarded the Trophée d’Or (Golden Trophy) for the best Litigation Department in France in 2016, which praised the innovative methods developed by her department in order to maximize the chances of reaching amicable solutions in major disputes.

Our law firm is ranked amongst the best practices in this field.

In practice


Assisted a leading French industrial group in the energy sector in reaching an amicable agreement in mediation, resulting in a global settlement of a complex construction arbitration that had started 9 years earlier.


Assisted a leading French industrial group in the energy sector in dispute board proceedings, leading to settlement of a complex construction dispute involving offshore wind turbines in northern Germany.


Assisted a major French company in a multi-party mediation involving five French and foreign companies in a chain of contracts, leading to a global amicable settlement that ended the dispute while preserving the business relationship between all companies involved.


Assisted a biomedical laboratory in mediation against a major Group of Private Clinics, leading to an amicable settlement of their dispute and the renegotiation of their business relationship.